Trump: Joe Biden Is Now Running as the Most Far Left Candidate in History, He Will Defund the Police

‘Biden signed a joint manifesto with Bernie Sanders’


TRUMP: "Biden's record can be summed up as four decades of betrayal, calamity, failure. Biden signed a joint manifesto with Bernie Sanders, he has an agreement with Bernie Sanders, which means Biden is now running as the most extreme left candidate in history. This manifesto, as I call it, this is far left where Bernie was. So it was supposed to be going to the right and it's far left. When asked whether he would defend and defund our police, Biden said we're going to defund them. He wants to defund, he's going to defund the police. He's going to cut it way down, cut it way back, just like in New York, they've already cut it by a billion dollars, and crime is soaring in New York.” 

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