John Harwood: Peter Navarro Is a Circus

‘Another manifestation of this circus of an administration’


HARWOOD: "Alisyn, Peter Navarro is the circus. Another manifestation of this circus of this administration. Let’s slow down for a second. Yesterday the president came into the briefing room and complained that people like Anthony Fauci, they don’t like him. Peter Navarro just demonstrated why that is as the president did yesterday. The United States is manifestly failing in the effort to control Coronavirus, 4 million cases, 150,000 people dead. And what the president did with his Tweets was advanced the views of a crackpot, not someone who knows what she’s talking about. Now, Peter Navarro was just amplifying those views again. Now if you talk to economists who serve presidents of both parties they will tell you that Peter Navarro himself is a crackpot in his own field of economics. He has zero expertise in public health. There’s no valid argument between him and Anthony Fauci about the merits of Hydroxychloroquine. Anthony Fauci is the leading expert in the United States government. And so when you have the president performing in this way and aides performing in this way, it shows you why people don’t believe the administration and why the administration is in such a deep hole politically while so many Americans — a thousand a day are dying."

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