Sen. Tammy Duckworth to DHS: ‘Don’t Even Think About’ Sending Federal Police to Chicago

‘My message to DHS and to President Trump is don’t even think about it’


DUCKWORTH: "Well, my message to DHS and to President Trump is don’t even think about it. Frankly, what I’m hearing on the ground is that they are looking to send ICE troops, ICE officers, again, dressed in these camouflage uniforms. Nobody knows who they are. They just have police generically on their clothing, unmarked vehicles into our city streets under the pretext of human trafficking is what I’m hearing. Regardless, don’t even think about it. If you want to do something about gun violence, call Mitch McConnell and ask him to pass universal background checks and higher penalties for straw purchasers of weapons. Do something, let’s have that vote, because it would pass both the House and the Senate."

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