Whoopi on Trump Plan to ‘Go in and Take over Cities’: A Planned Attack Against the American People

‘This is your right as an American to get out and to protest’


BEHAR: "This is part of the plan, you see, this is part of Putin’s plan that Trump is going along with. And really what’s galling is where is Lindsey Graham, where is Mitch McConnell? Bill Barr, we cannot rely on him, he's in Trump's pocket. These other two are despicable. They need to go also, by the way. They need to go also. People need to vote against Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and a few of the others, Susan Collins, Gardner. They know who they are. Get them out. It's not just Trump."
GOLDBERG: "The bottom line is, people really need to pay attention to this, because this is — this is — we sort of felt it a little bit when we’ve seen other sort of riots break out, we’ve seen them bust out troops, but this is different. This feels different. This feels like a planned attack against the American people. It’s very specific and it’s very targeted. So, people need to pay attention to what’s happening.”

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