Fox Seattle: Mother of Teen Killed at CHOP Files Lawsuit Against Seattle

‘He doesn’t deserve to be dead’


REPORTER: "The mother of the first teenager to be murdered right near the CHOP zone in Seattle last month is taking legal action against the city. She and her lawyers claim the city failed to help 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson after he was shot right near that protest zone a month ago. Q13's Simone Del Rosario spoke with his mother today and she joins us live with more. So, Simone, there haven't been any arrests in this case, so why does the mother say the city is responsible for her son's death?"
DEL ROSARIO: "Well, because despite being just up the road, paramedics did not come here to this corner to treat her son. This is where 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson died. I am across the intersection from where CHOP started, so we aren't in what used to be the CHOP zone. A block up the way, right there on Broadway, that's where Seattle Fire Department was staged, saying because of policy they couldn't come here to this corner to treat Lorenzo until police had secured the scene. Protesters say the CHOP medics were working on Lorenzo, but by the time police came in, they had already transported him to the hospital."

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