‘Fox & Friends’: How Many Secret Trump Voters Are There?

‘Total is close to 60% saying yes there are Trump secret voters’


DOOCY: "You know, Brian, when you look at that particular graphic though, when you add up the number of people who say, 'Do you think there is a secret voter?' 'Yes, many,' 'Yes, only a few,' 'Yes, not sure how many,' that total is close to 60% saying yes, there are Trump secret voters. When you add up the same thing, and this is part of a Monmouth University poll that just came out, how many secret voters does Joe Biden say, about 27% say yeah, there are secret Joe Biden voters, but that varies. Because when you look at the polls and you say, 'Okay, look, Joe Biden is way ahead,' and that’s across the board, but then you think about well, how many secret voters are there? And it looks as if back in 2016 there were those as well. The data that we release is only as good as the poll. And if somebody picks up the phone and they say, 'Hey, I want to ask you about Donald Trump,' they just go, 'You know what? I’m not interested in talking about that right now,' and that is a so-called secret voter. Then the data does not really reflect what is going on across the country. This morning there are stories about how there has been — they are rearranging the positions at the Trump campaign because of the President’s polling and that Brad Parscale has been assigned to digital and Bill Stepien is now going to take over as campaign manager. You know, that’s the story that’s out there. But the question is, how reliable are the polls, Jedediah, given the fact that there are these secret voters? And we know there are from 2016."

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