Florida Mayor: We Should All Be Respecting Social Distancing

‘We have to take personal responsibility, no doubt about that’


HERNANDEZ: "First of all, we have to take personal responsibility, there's no doubt about that. We have to take care of each other and we all have to wear masks in public places, we should all be respecting social distancing, we should all be washing hands constantly. That’s the message that we should have been sending from the top down, and instead in parts of the state, people still have to wear masks and again, a lot of the state politicians kept saying it’s not that serious. Actually, the locals mayors here in Miami-Dade County had to come together and try to work together to come up with solutions by ourselves because we’re really getting very little support at the state or at the county level. So that's why I keep saying these mixed messages have really, really — I think it’s the main cause why we’re in this situation right now."

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