Fox’s Jedediah Bila Says Trump Should Speak Off the Cuff: ‘That Is His Strength’

‘What you want in an election are two highly contrasting images’


BILA: “Steve, you pointed out the lack of response to questioning or Joe Biden not doing questioning yeah, because is he terrible at it. That’s not what he does well. His handlers know that. What they wanted for him to get out there, deliver talking points, hope they stick and to get off the stage because he hasn’t been doing well when he is off the cuff just responding spontaneously. Donald Trump, on the other hand, that is his strength. So he wants to get out there and have these debates. You're going to see that distinction I think for the next few months and I think it will be really interesting when they are on something like a debate stage together if that ever happens to see a pretty bold contrast not only in presentation but in content and ideas."

(h/t Contemptor)

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