Anthony Scaramucci: In Order to Beat Donald Trump, ‘We Got to Start Thinking Like Him’

‘We have to beat Donald Trump if we want to preserve our democracy’


SCARAMUCCI: “There’s something else going on here. We have to beat Donald Trump if we want to preserve our democracy. So start thinking the way he thinks. He commuted Roger Stone’s sentence because Roger has the goods on him. It’s that simple. And then you have to think about all of the reckless behavior of the president during the presidency and prior to that and then draw a may Tix of all the other people in his life that have the goods on him. I’m telling you right now, it’s not just — probably the Russians, probably autocratic leaders around the world, and it’s a whole series of other people before he got into the presidency. So you guys want to beat him? I want to beat him. You have to start thinking like him and be less astonished about what he’s doing and get ahead of him. You have to look down the chess board and see what he’s going to do next.”

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