Jill Biden Responds to Criticism of Campaigning from ‘the Basement’: ‘We’re Listening to the Doctors’

‘We’re listening to the doctors and scientists and what they’re saying to us’


BIDEN: "Well, you know, Joy, we’re listening to the doctors and the scientists and what they’re saying to us. And they’re saying don’t go out there. So we’re listening to them. When we do go out, Joe was just in Redding this week. He socially distances. He wears a mask. We’re keeping safe. We can’t wait to get out there again. I mean, there’s nothing better than meeting with Americans an listening to their stories but right now the doctors say it’s not safe to get out there. And so we’re doing what you’re doing. We’re talking to thousands of people over Zooms. So we’re doing — I mean, I’ve been traveling to all different states, you know, every single day. I’m in three or four states a day, as is Joe. So that’s how we’re campaigning and we’ll continue to campaign until the doctors say it is safe."

(h/t Mediaite)

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