Kasie Hunt: ‘No Good Explanation’ Why Trump Was Unaware of the Warnings About Russian Bounty Plot

‘Mika, we obviously have to put that question to Republicans’


HUNT: "Well, Mika, we obviously have to put that question to Republicans. And I think that third piece of what Liz Cheney underscores there, what is being done is a question every lawmaker has a duty to answer now that they are aware through the public reporting that this was going on. I mean, we’re still trying to figure out who, if anyone, in Congress knew why, if they would have talked to them or not. My colleague Ken Dilanian has some reporting that congressional officials were perhaps briefed but the AP says that that briefing is not going to happen until today. We’re still trying to nail down all those details. But I mean, the reality of this story, it just underscores that there really is no good answer for the president if he didn’t know because his intelligence officials were afraid to bring it up to him and underscore it because they weren’t sure if he would approve one of the options they had on the table. 'The Times' did report there were various potential options discussed. That’s a theme that’s come up in this presidency that he hasn’t been willing to take actions that are presented to him by his intelligence or he’s doubted the intelligence underneath it. Perhaps that’s part of what happened here. But there is no good explanation. Any one much these rabbit holes you go down has its own set of land mines and enormous problems for this president.”

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