Sharpton: How Would a WW II Veteran Feel About Paying Taxes To Have a Statue of Mussolini or Hitler

‘That’s how many of us black Americans feel in parts of America and that’s what Donald Trump is standing up against’


SHARPTON: "When you look at the fact — one of the things that is not mentioned enough is that these statues are in public places that are maintained by people employed by taxpayer dollars. So he is, in effect, asking black Americans, brown Americans, and all Americans, to pay to help to extol people that fought, literally fought to keep their forefathers enslaved. So this is not about an opinion. I have no choice but to pay taxes but I’m going to pay to uphold somebody who fought to keep my great grandfather a slave, make sure that the statue for him is polished, maintained and secured. That’s an insult to all of us. And when we look at the fact that we are dealing with — Donald Trump is right about one thing, he said this is our history. It is a history of people that tried to overthrow the government to maintain enslaving people that looked like me. That’s the history. That’s not a history that we want to exalt, a history we want to salute. We should have the statues of those that fought and defeated them, not the ones that was defeated. How would a World War II veteran feel about paying taxes to have a statue of Mussolini or Hitler in their public square? Well, that’s how many of us in black America feel, and in other parts of America, and that’s what Donald Trump is standing up against."

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