Trump: Tulsa Rally Was Largest Audience in the History on Fox on a Saturday Night, It’s Like a Poll

‘That covers many many years and many, many big shows’


TRUMP: "No, no. Fox put it out. Fox put it out. So it’s the biggest, the largest Saturday night audience in its history. Nobody is going to say that. I will say it. I’m saying it now. If I didn’t say it, nobody is going to pick it up because the fake news won’t do that. But think of what that means. Now, a lot of people saw it. A lot of people went to Tulsa and it was rough because they had, you know, so-called protesters, anarchists and various other people, and they said, 'Let’s go home and watch it on television.' But this is much more important. We had a very nice crowd of warriors, they were warriors. But it's the first empty seat. But these are the best ratings we have ever had. I think that means something. Because that, to me, is like a poll. And online, even better."

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