Joe Scarborough: Evangelicals ‘Are Forced to Face the Fact’ of Trump’s Failure with the Supreme Court

‘You look at his main justification for getting elected to Evangelicals and the conservatives, it’s the Supreme Court’


SCARBOROUGH: "You look at his main justification for getting elected to evangelicals and the conservatives, it’s the Supreme Court. It’s all I hear from my friends and my family members that still support Donald Trump, 'Yes, we don’t like him but the court. Yes, he’s a bad human being but the court. Yes, we’d never invite him to our house for dinner, he’s so disgusting, he’s a bad example for our children, but the court.' And now this week, as we come to the end of the week, these same people are forced to face the fact that Donald Trump’s first pick for the United States Supreme Court did more to advance the rights of — of a community that evangelicals have been pushing against for decades. I mean, this has been a remarkable week."

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