Rayshard Brooks’ Attorney: ‘Mr. Brooks Was Clearly Trying To Get His Life Together’

‘It was heartbreaking he had to die over a DUI stop’


CAMEROTA: "I want to play for you another clip of Rayshard Brooks in his own words and this is from -- he was speaking to a criminal justice organization called Reconnect that I believe tries to help people who had been in jail find a way back to life, and he talks about how hard it is to rebuild after something like that. So let me play a portion of this."
[clip starts]
BROOKS: "Oh, I have to have my guard up because the world is cruel, you know? It took me through seeing different things, you know, in the system. You know, just -- just makes you hardened to a point."
[clip ends]
CAMEROTA: "What do you think when you hear him speak like that, Mr. Miller?"
MILLER: "I think it's really sad. Mr. Brooks was clearly trying to get his life together and by all accounts he was on the right path to doing that. That documentary -- and I watched the documentary -- it shows that he was a person who was kind of understanding life and kind of putting it all together. So for him to be taken away at this time it's just really heart breaking."
CAMEROTA: "Was he struggling to turn his life around?"
MILLER: "I think so. I mean, I think he had turned it around at that point. He was working, he had a great relationship with his family. I mean, I think he had it together. You know, at that time when that was made, he was expressing how he felt to get it together. So, like I said it was really heart breaking he had to die over a DUI stop."

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