Graham to Dems: You Had Eight Years Under Pres. Obama To Do Police Reform, I’m Tired of Being Lectured that It’s All Trump’s Fault

‘You had eight years, no attempts to ban chokehold or no attempts to do any of the things that we all agree we need to do now’

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GRAHAM: "To my colleagues on the other side who said we talk too much, we don’t need to listen anymore, where were you for the eight years of the Obama administration? I’m getting a little tired of being lectured to by my Democratic colleagues that all of this is Trump’s fault. You had eight years under President Obama, the Justice in Policing Act, none of it was taken up virtually, so let’s knock that off. You are making no points with me trying to suggest that -- that we are bad and you all are not when it comes to this issue. You had eight years, no attempts to ban chokehold, no attempts to do any of the things that we all agree we need to do now. So if you want to fight about that, let’s fight.” 

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