NBC News’ Dann: Clinton Campaign Wants to ‘Press the Reset Button on Her Campaign’

‘This is gonna be her first big campaign rally; it’s something that actually critics said in 2008 Hillary Clinton didn’t do’

[rush transcript]

HALL: “All right. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. I think everyone is, okay, wait a minute, it is not official, the official is ten days from now, how will this be different from the big rollout that we saw, the meet and greet round tables in Iowa?”

DANN: “That’s right, Hillary Clinton made her official announcement back in April with a video, but this is going to be her first big campaign rally. It’s something that actually critics said in 2008 Hillary Clinton really didn't do when she ran for president before. She didn't give a big speech that outlined why she should be president and even what she said about why she should be president might have been little bit more about her than voters, that was a big criticism of her back then. I think the Clinton campaign would like to look at this June 13th event as a chance to sort of set the press the reset button on her campaign. She’s been getting little bit of negative press about the way press has been handled while she's been in the race.”

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