Hume: ‘Hard for This President to Put on His Big Boy Pants’ to Deal With Nat. Security’

‘It’s hard for this President to put on his big boy pants and deal with national security’

PACE: “It especially looks tepid when you compare it to what he's been doing on trade, which is one of his top priorities right now. He's been making phone calls to the Hill, he's been out talking about it around the country publicly. This has been a much more cautious, as you say, tepid PR strategy by the White House. They do want this renewed. They do think that the bill that the House passed is a compromise in having the telephone companies keep the data, as opposed to the government keeping it. But this is just an inherently uncomfortable issue for the president. When you look at things that he said when he was running as a candidate, and then the programs that he kept in place when he became president. It doesn't sit well. It's not something that he really feels comfortable with.”

HUME: “It's hard for this president to put on his big boy pants and deal with national security.” 

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