Newt: I Don’t Understand How Powell, Bush & Romney Think Voting Against Trump ‘Is a Better Future for America’

‘I think that’s a frightening future for America’


GINGRICH: “The people two fought the wars in the Middle East, all of them collectively, are offended by Trump on policy grounds. And as people who are organized, corporate personalities, they are offended by his aggressive entrepreneurial style and the degree to which he is a disruptive personality. So you will see more of this. I think the country is going to have to decide. What I am surprised by is, this is not about Trump. This is about Trump versus Biden, Pelosi and — and Senator Schumer. And in my mind, from a conservative perspective, the prospect that we are going to end up sabotaging our presidential candidate, guaranteeing we lose the Senate and guaranteeing Pelosi stays the Speaker, that’s a future that I don’t quite understand how a Mitt Romney or a George W. Bush, despite their irritation with Trump, I don’t quite understand how they can say that’s a better future for America. And I think it's a very frightening future for America. I have done several podcasts now on Pelosi’s $3 trillion bill which is filled with radicalism. I think people need to understand what’s coming. The three of them win, you’re in for a radical change in America in January, February, March of 2021."

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