CNN’s Lemon: Trump Wants So Much To Be Like Barack Obama But He Can’t Buy ‘Class’ and ‘Intelligence’

‘He just can’t buy the adoration of the American people’


LEMON: "This is a president who called NFL players kneeling peacefully to protest police brutality and racial injustice, remember, and I’m quoting here, sons of bitches. The President is so empty, so petty, small. He thinks he’s tough. He actually wants you to think that. He probably knows that deep down inside he is weak, that he is selfish, that he is a complete disappointment, that he never lives up to the office he holds. Probably why he always hearkens back to the former president. He wants to so much be like Barack Obama but he just can’t buy class. He just can’t buy the intelligence. He just can’t buy the adoration of the American people. He was so upset about the reporting that he was rushed into the White House bunker during protests on Friday night that he told aides that he wanted to be seen outside the White House gates and cooked up this disgraceful, obvious, glaring stunt. This, everyone, is a story of desperation. This president is desperate to hang on to power.“

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