Activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham: ‘This Country Sits on Looted Land’ and ‘It Loots Black Life Every Day’

‘This country was founded by looting’


PACKNETT CUNNINGHAM: “Joy, the truth of the matter is, a lot of things are true at this moment. There are absolutely people taking advantage of community protests and are embedding themselves in order to incite damage. Those people are often white and have a different ulterior motive, but the people who get punished for that behavior are black. Those are the folks being arrested, harmed by police during protests and being sent to jail. We’re hearing this not just from the last press conference but from black organizers who are seeing protests pop up, organized by groups they’ve never heard of, many formed in the last week alone. This country was founded by looting. What happened in the Boston harbor was that your Founding Fathers looted the tea and threw it into the river. This country sit on looted land and was built with looted labor and loots black life every day. That is not to excuse the white supremacists and take advantage of the protests taking — about systemic racism and ending systemic racism.”

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