Trump Says He Spoke to the Family of George Floyd: ‘The Family of George Is Entitled to Justice’

‘It’s very important I believe to the family to everybody that the memory of George Floyd be a perfect memory’


TRUMP: "It's a terrible thing. We all saw what we saw, and it's very hard to even conceive of anything other than what we did see. It should never happen, it should never be allowed to happen a thing like that. But we’re determined that justice be served. And I spoke to members of the family. Terrific people and we'll be reporting as time goes by. We think that we also have to make the statement, and it’s very important that we have peaceful protesters and support the rights for peaceful protesters. We can’t allow a situation like happened in Minneapolis to descend further into lawless anarchy and chaos, and we understand that very well. It’s very important, I believe, to the family, to everybody, that the memory of George Floyd be a perfect memory. Let it be a perfect memory.”

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