Hannity Condemns Cops Involved in George Floyd Killing

‘Just look at your screen, it shows George Floyd wasn’t resisting arrest’


HANNITY: “You can see the officer, he has his knee on his neck. This video has sparked almost universal agreement, besides a few keyboard warriors in their underwear in their basements their basements anonymously posting on social media, hardly anyone defending what we all see on that videotape. It’s clear. Just look at your screen, it shows George Floyd wasn’t resisting arrest that we saw at any time and this was about a possible counterfeit $20 bill, not a violent crime from what we know. And as anyone in law enforcement will tell you, once you have someone in handcuffs not resisting, that fight is over, they are the professionals. Speaking personally, I have seven years experience in mixed martial arts. I am a student, I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a passionate student but I know this much, Mike the self defense training includes how to respond if a dangerous threat emerges in part of that response is often a targeted strike.”

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