Pelosi on Facebook, Twitter: ‘Their Business Model Is to Make Money at the Expense of the Truth’

‘Facebook, all of them, they’re all about making money’


REPORTER: "The president is expected to sign an executive order today that will essentially make the social media giants more liable to lawsuits as a result of what he says is censorship. What are your thoughts on this?"
PELOSI: "You know, it’s outrageous. But it’s an outrageous situation. While Twitter is putting up their fact-check under what the president says about voting, they still won’t take off the misrepresentations the president is putting out there by the death of a gentleman whose wife died and he’s asking them to take down the president’s misrepresentations. So, it's -- yes, we’d like Twitter to put up their fact-check of the president, but it seems to be very selective, very selective. And of course you know my view of this, and I’ve said it before, Facebook, all of them, they’re all about making money. Their business model is to make money at the expense of the truth and the facts that they know. And they defend, they defend that. I think Facebook has made tens of billions of dollars during this period of time where people are so reliant on social media, and they testified that they have no responsibility for the truth."

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