Gov. Cuomo: ‘The Top End of the Economy Will Be Fine ... It Always Works out for Them’

‘And I think there will be winners and losers in this new economy’


CUOMO: "The economy is going to come back up. I don’t think it comes straight back up. And I think there will be winners and losers in this new economy. I think the top end of the economy will be fine. They always are. It always works out for them. You look at the 2008 recession after the mortgage fraud, we did the bailouts. The big banks were the first one to come back fine. But I don’t think the economy comes back for everyone everywhere the same way. I think you’re going to see American workers who are laid off. That’s why I’m pushing the Americans First law in Washington. I think you’re going to see corporations use this as an opportunity to, in their words, restructure, to get lean, to show the analysts we can increase the profit. How do you increase the profit fast in a corporation? You lay off workers. That’s what you do. And I think you’re going to see corporations do that.”

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