Chris Hayes on Biden’s ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘Cringe-Inducing Thing to Say’

‘Extremely classic 200-proof Biden there’

HAYES:  "All right, extremely classic 200-proof Biden there, and a bunch of different ways, and I found that, you know, that’s a cringe inducing thing to say, your thoughts on that exchange."
MAXWELL:  "Look, I feel a lot of empathy for the staffers today that have to work, to clean that up, because I do think it revealed a weakness in his candidacy, is that he’s gaffe-prone and on certain issues you just don’t have any room for that. On the issue of race, you can’t make a lot of mistakes. I remember an incident on 2016 when Hillary went on the same show with sharl main the god, the breakfast club, and a line from the Beyonce album lemonade. Now, it was a fact that Hillary Clinton loved hot dogs and Wint her a bottle in her bag, I saw it there during the interview, and still, it became the thing where oh, Hillary is pandering to black people by talking about pasta and referencing this cultural touchstone in Beyonce so I think there is this narrow line you have to walk. This is different. This was a gaffe he shouldn’t have said, it I’m glad he apologized but I do think the Biden campaign has some weakness here, and I think that’s why, and I think they should pick up, I think it would help to have somebody in the tent, and help you with your cultural competency issues when you’re gaffe-prone."

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