Dave Portnoy: It’s Tough To Put Much Stake in What Fauci Says Now When He’s Saying the Exact Opposite

‘Right now, I don’t trust what he says, I don’t know how anybody could do’


PORTNOY: “Absolutely. Any politician or anybody in general, I would much prefer somebody — first of all, I have no problem saying I don’t know. If you have a strong opinion, say it and if you’re wrong, then say hands up, I’m the first one, when I make a mistake, American people appreciate that. I invested in Chinese company that probably hates me for it, I made the wrong move. You have to say it, own up to it, no one is expecting any human being to be perfect. When you say at a very important statement and act like it never happened at say something different, I’m like what is he doing? I don’t know if he is doing it intentionally but either take a cider say I don’t know and acknowledge when you make a mistake. Right now, I don’t trust what he says, I don’t know how anybody could do. I don’t know if it’s intentional, I just honestly think this thing moves. There is videos of Fauci all through this, he’s on different sides depending on the day, depending on the mood, we are making seemingly life-changing decisions for other people based on facts that are clearly not facts.”

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