Scarborough: Xi’s Crackdown on Hong Kong Is Bad News for Hong Kong, for Trump and for China

‘It’s bad news for the people of Hong Kong’


SCARBOROUGH: “But this is, yes, it's bad news for Hong Kong. It is very bad news for President Trump, who has said very kind things about President Xi through the years and desperately wants his trade deal with President Xi to work. But it’s also bad for China. Yesterday, you know, they, for the first time, refused to project forward their GDP for the next year. They have the worst economic downturn since the 1970s. Hong Kong was a bright spot. As you know, we all know, a global economic center. Now, even that is risked. And Xi, again, his totalitarian instincts have been wrong every step of the way. Certainly since this virus began. Now he uses the heavy hand once again, stocks tumble 6% overnight in Asia. And you just wonder what Hong Kong’s future is going to be as a global trading center. If China is — imposes its totalitarian rules there, then kiss Hong Kong good-bye, as well."

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