Doug Collins: There Was a ‘Coup Attempt’ Against Trump at the Highest Levels, Including Obama’s Oval Office

‘People are waking up to the real fact there was an attempt to take out a candidate’

COLLINS:  "Well it’s amazing what we seen. Maria we’ve been talking about this for so long and now it feels like what we’ve been talking about and the corrupt with Peter Strzok and Mccabe and Comey and now Yates but now find something different. We find it in the Oval Office. Not the Oval Office of president Trump but the Oval Office of President Obama who was asking about Flynn who would add his own chief of staff unmask him the day there was a meeting and oh, by the way Joe Biden were you asleep in this meeting as well when you actually were there and you told just this past week that you knew nothing about cuppertino and you actually made a request for unmasking? This is the problem we’re seeing is people are waking up to the real fact there was an attempt to take out a candidate and then a president before he could get going, and the American people should be demanding why every news outlet is not cover ING this the way you have for the last three years and many of us have been screaming at the top of our lungs there was basically a coup attempt at the highest level and now we are right into the Oval Office."

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