Scalise: Pelosi Didn’t Take $3T Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Seriously

‘Nancy Pelosi wrote most of this bill in her kitchen in San Francisco’


SCALISE: "Well, Sandra, Nancy Pelosi wrote most of this bill in her kitchen in San Francisco. There were no hearings in Washington, there was no outreach to Republicans, so clearly, they didn’t take this serious because they knew it wasn’t going to pass, but they did take their cues from Joe Biden. Whatever basement he's in, given his occasional press conferences, he did say he wanted more than $2 trillion in the next round. And so, lo and behold, the bill shows up just two days ago, that’s $3 trillion. Is that any surprise? But that’s not the way you make policy. And by the way, that doesn’t help families get back on their feet, that doesn't doesn’t help small businesses stay afloat.” 

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