Gov. Inslee Suggests That Coronavirus Should Be Used as an Excuse To Push Green Policies

‘We have to recognize the necessity of this, that this will allow us to rebuild our economy’


INSLEE: “We should not miss an opportunity to drive home what Varshini was talking about, that this has enormous backing in our constituents to understand the economic necessity of this. And we should not be intimidated when people say, 'Oh, you can't use this COVID crisis, you know, to peddle a solution to climate change.' No. We have to recognize the necessity of this moment that this will allow us to rebuild our economy and jump-start it. It was a necessity before the COVID crisis. It is an absolute requirement now to rebuild our economy. And we shouldn't be intimidated by Republicans about this at all. The last thing I'll say is we can't use code as an excuse for inaction on climate change. These are two things we have to deal with and we can deal with both because they're so similar. They both are similar that they're based on understanding of science, they're both similar in understanding that this is under our control. They're both similar in that they're both fatal, you know, threats to our to our communities."

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