Don Lemon on Trump Questioning Why His Valets Didn’t Wear Masks: ‘Really?’

‘Wearing a mask is the not about protecting yourself from the virus, it’s about protecting other people’


LEMON: “11 secret service agents currently have the virus. Get this. He’s reportedly asked why his valets weren’t ordered to wear masks sooner. Really, Mr. President? You want to know why your valets weren’t ordered to wear mask when is you yourself have refused to wear one? Just two days ago the president refused to wear a mask a at an event with vet events pap I said this again and again but it’s really important. This is about saving lives. Wearing a mask is the not about protecting yourself from the virus. It’s about protecting other people. And those elderly veterans are at an age group that’s especially at risk. Yet the president ignored that and made excuses a about it later.”

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