CNN: Trump Confirms Pence’s Press Secretary Tests Positive for Coronavirus

‘Katie Miller is married to Stephen Miller who is one of the president’s top domestic policy advisers’


ACOSTA: "We were hearing this earlier this afternoon. A source close to the Vice President told us earlier this afternoon that it was Katie Miller, the Press Secretary to the Vice President who tested positive for the coronavirus. And just a few moments ago, the President in a round table discussion with other Republican lawmakers described the staffer as Katie, as he called her, and also said she is a press person, so it does appear that the Vice President’s Press Secretary has tested positive for coronavirus. This is a significant development, as you know, Brooke. Katie Miller is married to Stephen Miller, who is one of the President’s top domestic policy advisers, one of his top speech writers, and so this has the potential — at this point, obviously, we don’t know whether or not this is the case with any certainty, but we know that there is now the potential that the coronavirus is spreading inside the White House among top members of the President and Vice President’s team.” 

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