Kayleigh McEnany: The President Who Got Us to the Hottest Economy in Modern History Will Do It Again

‘This president is the job’s president’


MCENANY: “You know, this president is the job’s president. This president got us to a place where we had the lowest employment rate in the history of this country. Historic lows for black Americans, Hispanic-Americans, the disabled veterans. As the president has noted, this is right. We had to put a stop to the economy. It was a pause — this wasn’t some economic catastrophe that organically happened. It was decided upon by the president of the United States to stop the United States economy. Because we had to save 2.2 million lives, perhaps more, somewhere in that range. Because American lives, that’s what mattered most. And so this president, when faced with this very tough decision to put a pause on the hottest economy in modern history, said American lives matter most. And that's what he did. And I can tell you this, the president that got us to the hottest economy in modern history, he's done it once and he can do it again.”

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