Kudlow: ‘With Appropriate Policies We Can Make 2021 an Absolutely Roaring Recovery’

‘And we will see very positive numbers in the second half of this year’


KUDLOW: “But on the other hand, again, I come back, I think you and I spoke about this perhaps last week, if you take a look at what the Congressional Budget Office is saying and what most private forecasters are saying, you see a very significant, perhaps calling it a transitional rebound in the third and fourth quarters, very significant growth rates coming off of the low and difficult days. And I think another point I hope we get to is the President has a lot of ideas, you know, not only how to reopen this economy and to transition into some strength at the back end of the year, but how with appropriate policies we can make 2021 an absolutely roaring recovery. He’s done it once. You know, we like to reward success and lower taxes and lower regulations and energy independence and better trade deals. These same policies can be put back into place, extending them in a number of areas, that will give us an absolute roaring economy in 2021, and we will see very positive numbers in the second half of this year."

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