Kelsey Bolar: Media Is Doing Same Thing with Flynn Revelations As They Do with Biden Allegation, Avoid Covering It

‘They didn’t actually tell readers what was inside those new documents’


BOLAR: "Well, the media is doing the same thing with the Michael Flynn revelations as it is with the Joe Biden, and that is avoid covering it. When they do cover it, make it as boring as possible and then bury it so it’s very difficult to find and understand what really happened. Take 'The New York Times,' for example. Yesterday you had to scroll to its 'In Other News' section to even find the story. And the way they frame that story about it was Trump allies cheering that these new documents were revealed. They didn’t actually tell readers what was inside those new documents about the FBI setting up a three-star general in a perjury tap. No, the way they framed the story was that Trump allies were cheering for this.” 

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