Pelosi: Republicans ‘Never Talked About the National Debt When They Spent Nearly $2 Trillion’ on Tax Cuts

‘I don’t like building the national debt, but a lot of what we’re doing is stimulus’


PELOSI: “When I suggested to the secretary of the Treasury some of the concerns we have about what you have just described, he said, well, I’m the one who put out the list. They would not have known that had I not put out the list. So I guess that was his way of saying, let’s all take a look at this as we go forth. But we really — I mean, these dollars are precious dollars. They make a world of difference. Life and death to the survival of a company, for some companies. And others really don’t need it that much. And we have to take a look at how banks are compensated. They get a higher percentage for a small loan. If you get 5 percent on a $50,000 loan, that’s a lot less than getting 1 percent on a $5 million loan. And again, is that right? Shouldn’t it just be a flat fee? And others, just to subject everything to the scrutiny that needs to be done for the taxpayer dollars and how they are spent. That’s what our job is all the time. But at this time, where there is such need and such desperation, even more so. So again, we’ll have to keep exampling. I think we have to do what we need to do. Others are talking about the — oh, the national debt. They never talked about the national debt when they spent nearly $2 trillion for a tax bill to get 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent in our country.” 

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