Tucker: ‘Gretchen Whitmer Is a Ghoul’

‘These are not decisions rooted in epidemiology or science’

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CARLSON: “Did you follow that? Abortion is essential. It is “Life-sustaining.” Abortion is not something the government can “Get in the middle of.” Abortion isn’t something like rescuing crippled people from rotting in wheelchairs. That, by contrast, would be considered nonessential. Joint replacements are in fact one medical procedure the government is happy to get in the middle of pure joint replacements aren’t a matter of conscience, something women should decide in close consultation with their physicians. Just the opposite. Gretchen Whitmer will punish you for attempting to perform one kid that is her stated position. Gretchen Whitmer is a ghoul. She is a dangerous ideologue who knows nothing about science and doesn’t care to learn. Gretchen Whitmer deems elective abortion essential because the abortion lobby has bankrolled her political career. She is encouraging liquor and lotto ticket sales in her tax because syntax on the poorest people in her state fund of the government. She knows her her political pup opponents are. These are not decisions rooted in epidemiology or science. They are partisan political decisions everyone. And she’s not the only governor making them right now. Katie Mance is an author enjoins us tonight.”

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