Rudy Giuliani: ‘It’s Not Sweet Old Dopey’ Joe Biden, ‘It’s Crooked Old Joe’

‘Every place Biden goes, the family makes millions’


WATTERS: “And his son had as a partner in equity fund owned by China that’s outrageous. That is completely outrageous and only with a corrupt media can you get away with that. How could the vice president of the United States have his son be a part partner with government of China? That’s absurd. And it’s only allowable because our media has become so insane about Trump they have lost all reason and rationality. But American people haven’t. And when you combine Biden inability to put two sentences together and long history of corruption, they’ve been selling the Biden name for 20 years. Every place Biden goes, the family makes millions. They made millions in Iraq. They’ve made millions in Ukraine they’ve made millions in China. And then I got about four more places where they made million. So we’re not dealing with a fair and square guy like you think he is.”
WATTERS: “America lost millions — billions —”
GIULIANI: “It’s not sweet old dopey Joe. It’s crooked old —”

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