De Blasio: We Cannot Afford Medicaid Cuts, Health Care Cuts at This Dire Moment

‘What it equals is health care for people who need health care right now and need it more than ever because of the pandemic’


DE BLASIO: “I spoke at length last night with Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. I let them know that from the perspective of 8.6 million people in New York City, we cannot afford Medicaid cuts, health care cuts at this dire moment. The state must accept the Medicaid funding that was in the third stimulus bill. We need that money to be accepted, and we need to make sure that the health care so many people are depending on is not disrupted. So, I understand that the state has a budget challenge. We have a huge budget challenge. I mean, I’m right now in the middle of cutting a huge amount out of this budget for this city right now. But what I will not cut is health care.”

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