CNN, NYT Report on New York Hospitals Being Overwhelmed by Coronavirus Demands: ‘It’s Not Sustainable’

‘Every bed is basically filled’


GINGRAS: “The hospital is having to take measures, transferring patients to other hospitals because they can’t keep up with the demand. Also, they’re having to bring in more doctors and nurses, more equipment daily just to keep up with this demand. It’s not sustainable, quite frankly, is what we’re hearing. And I want to mention that makeshift morgue that you guys referenced before you came to me. You know, that makeshift morgue is outside of Bellevue Hospital, which is another public hospital in New York City. That is part of the city’s sort of disaster preparedness. Listen, if you’re around here for 9/11, that makeshift morgue is familiar to you. They build it, it’s the first thing they build. It’s a refrigerated morgue to deal with the influx of patients, people, bodies that might come in, in the future. It’s not being utilized just yet. But the fact that it is being built, or is built, and the fact that we might be seeing refrigerated trucks outside of these hospitals, outside the Javits Center, where there's a federal hospital, it’s the grim reality, guys."

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