‘A Tale of Two Leaders’: ‘Morning Joe’ Mash-Up Compares Boris Johnson, Trump on Coronavirus

‘The economic crisis ends when the public health crisis ends’


SCARBOROUGH: "We saw that mash-up, Mika, between the President and the Prime Minister."
BRZEZINSKI: "A tale of two leaders."
SCARBOROUGH: "Again, I must say, I really believe the President — I could be wrong, but the President most likely was just talking to markets, talking to businesspeople, letting them know he shared their concerns. He understands how bad the economy is right now and how bad it’s going to get over the next several weeks. The worst is yet to come. But the worst is yet to come in this pandemic. Let’s just keep repeating what we’ve been saying here time and time again. This is a public health crisis. The economic crisis ends when the public health crisis ends."

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