Jake Tapper Tears into Trump After Presser: If He’s ‘Not Capable of Leading Stably,’ At Least ‘Stop Making Things Worse’

‘Consider leaving the podium to others’


TAPPER: “Even after President Trump clearly understood what was going on, too many of the messages he’s been delivering from that podium are promises of things that remain far off or maybe won’t actually happen. The hospital masks that are not yet ready, the website he discussed that’s just local in the Bay Area, he keeps talking up a medicine it’s not even clear will be effective. Hospital ships remain weeks away from arrival in port. Peter Alexander, he's a fine reporter for NBC News which just lost an audio technician to coronavirus, he just died. And Peter's question would have been easy for any other politician, it was basically, Mr. President, please reassure frightened Americans. Indeed, Vice President Pence did not have a problem handling that question. If President Trump is not capable of leading stably and effectively, he should at least for his own reputation, for the good of the country stop making things worse and consider leaving the podium to others. The Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm, that applies to President Trump too.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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