Mark Cuban: ‘The Government Has to Open the Checkbook and Print as Much Money as It Takes’

‘There is no limit to how much money we will print and we will deal with the consequences afterwards’


CUBAN: “Right now you don’t try to decide, you support everybody. And I don't disagree with the Mayor that we need to help everybody, but I think the point that Todd and I are making — not to speak for Todd — is that you do it as a pass-through right now so that wherever you’re working, we want you to try to keep your job because the challenge is, when hopefully things come back, those jobs may not be there any longer. We want to keep those jobs in place. The government right now has to open the checkbook and print as much money as it takes. There's no limit to how much money we will print and we'll deal with the consequences afterwards, because we need the liquidity in the system, we need people at their jobs. When I say at their jobs, I mean keeping their jobs. I’m not saying if you’re sick you should go to work. Absolutely not, safety first. But for that person staying at home or that person who needs to take care of their kids because they're not in school, they need to be receiving their salary or their hourly wages as if they worked a full 40 hours, and receive those so that they have an income, regardless of what they’re actually doing for their job.” 

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