CNN’s Burnett to Tony Robinson’s Uncle: ‘Do You Think that Race Played a Role?’

‘He ended up dead and being shot several times ... I think we all can agree that this was something that could have been avoided’

BURNETT: “And I know you must have appreciated that, but Turin, let me get one thing here that he did mention, as our reporter was just talking about. He talked about race. He talked about how he himself is biracial; he talked about the relationship between young black men and police, which is important in this case and important in so many cities around this nation. He, the D.A., is biracial, as I said. Your nephew is biracial. The police officer here was white. People want to know how you feel about that. Do you think that this was, in your view, just a case of excessive force by police? Do you think that race played a role in this white officer and your biracial nephew’s run-in? What do you think?” 
CARTER: “I think it’s difficult to say. I know — I know that we as Americans we understand the racial disparities that are present right now, and a lot of the income inequalities that are prevalent also. So, it’s difficult to say that it was based on race, but what is known is that my nephew was unarmed and that the calls that were placed were in an effort to help him, and that he was ended up killed. He ended up dead and being shot several times from a close vicinity. And I think we all can agree that this is something that could have been avoided. So I guess as it pertains to race, that will be seen later on. But right now, we just know that this could have been avoided and that we should be allowed our due process rights to have a trial to prove his innocence or guilt.”

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