Jonathan Lemire: Trump Hasn’t Been Able To ‘Form a Coherent Narrative’ on Coronavirus Testing

‘You know, his focus throughout this of course has been a lot on the economy and stock market’


LEMIRE: “The markets are up today. When he first started talking in the Rose Garden they dipped rather dramatically, but they rebounded and then pretty strongly, the markets closed in a positive place. But it still remains some sort of mixed messaging for this President who's not been able to sort of form a coherent narrative on the test. He says that he probably will get a test today — in the near future after that photograph exposed to the Brazilian official who's tested positive for coronavirus. But our reporting has been, he has told people around him he hasn’t wanted to because it would show weakness. It would show that he would acknowledge that this was serious, it would rile the markets further, which of course flies in the face of all medical recommendations. He also on the idea of kits, testing kits, he says the number of available to public is going to increase. “

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