Meghan McCain: If Biden Picks a Woman, Trump Will Replace Pence with Nikki Haley

‘Trump is going to kick Pence out and put in Nikki Haley’


McCAIN: "I still think, though, that if he chooses a woman, then Trump is going to kick Pence out and put in Nikki Haley. Because I think they'll go toe for toe and they'll be like, 'You want to identity politics me? I'll identity politics you.' I think they're gangster."
BEHAR: "Trump’s luck is changing right now and Pence is starting to look good. So I don’t know if the party would like that, to take Pence out.
McCAIN:" I think they would. They need the win."
BEHAR: "He's just proving he can do the job.
McCAIN: "It’s amazing you’re such a Mike Pence fan."
BEHAR: "I’m not a big fan of the whole Republican Party right now at all, because it’s the Trump party."
McCAIN: "Only today?"
BEHAR: "Because Pence has proven that he’s capable of handling —"
GOLDBERG: "He said two things that she likes, so she’s happy with him today."
BEHAR: "Let me put it this way. Compared to Trump, he seems like he’s in MENSA."

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