Trump: Latino Communities Have Always Been a Vital and Indispensable Part of the American Family

‘At every level of government our nation is truly blessed to be defended by thousands of Hispanic-Americans’


TRUMP: "At every level of government, our nation is truly blessed to be defended by thousands of Hispanic American heroes, and that's what they are. Today we give thanks to the millions of wonderful Latino immigrants and citizens who uphold our laws, strengthen our families and contribute to our communities. The build incredible businesses, like we've just seen, and raise up our industries and protect our great American flag, so important. Our Latino communities have always been a vital and indispensable part of the American family. From the beginning of our republic, the exceptional drive, talent, faith, skill, imagination and devotion of Latino Americans has uplifted our entire nation. You've deeply enriched American life and history and culture. Latinos have invigorated our economy, expanded our prosperity and poured your heart, sweat and soul into our beloved country.”

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