Abby Philip: ‘Where Are Sanders’ Voters and Why Are They Not Showing Up for Him?’

‘You have to wonder where are Sanders’ voters and why are they not showing up for him?’


PHILLIP: "Here’s the counterpoint to that. If you’re Joe Biden and you're looking at the exit polls coming out of this election, you see Joe Biden winning in virtually every single category. He won liberals. He won moderates. He won conservatives. He won first-time voters. He won people who had voted in the past. He won rural and urban and suburban. So this is the reason why, I think, there are some problems here for Bernie Sanders. Yes, there is a divide in the Democratic Party, but you have to wonder where are Sanders’ voters and why are they not showing up for him?"
CAMEROTA: "Hispanics are showing up for him."
PHILLIP: "Exactly. Hispanics are showing up for him, particularly younger Hispanics. But it’s the breadth and the depth of Biden support that should be of a concern to the Sanders campaign. They’ve staked everything on being able to turn up the temperature on turnout, bringing out their voters. That did not happen and, in fact, it actually benefited Joe Biden."

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