Scarborough Gushes Over ‘Shocking’ Biden Wins: ‘Like Nothing We Have Seen in Modern American Politics’

‘This shocking result over the course of three days is like nothing we have seen in modern American politics’


SCARBOROUGH: “You know, there’s some people last night trying to suggest — some Bernie Sanders supporters trying to suggest that those numbers from black voters for Joe Biden were not shocking. They were shocking. Again, I go back to that poll a week ago that had Bernie Sanders within single digits of Joe Biden. Even after South Carolina people said, 'Yeah, 60%, 56%, that’s a pretty good number for Joe Biden, but that’s because of Jim Clyburn. But those numbers, 62% in Virginia, in the 70s in the state of Alabama, absolutely stunning. And this turn around, this shocking turn around, you know, I’ve been thinking all night trying to figure out a time when one candidate’s fortunes changed over the course of three days as much as Joe Biden’s did, and I just can’t think of anybody. You would have to go back to Harry Truman in 1948 and the shocking 'Dewey beats Truman' election to think of a parallel where Americans woke up one morning shocked by the results. Yes, Donald Trump shocked the political world, but that was coming. You could see that coming ten days out as he got closer and closer after the Comey letter. This shocking result, over the course of three days, is like nothing we have seen in modern American politics.”

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